Life Lines Ireland


Life Lines Ireland is an organisation which provides friends through letter writing to inmates on death row. Should you wish to join lifelines we would like you to bear in mind that you may be the only link your friend has with the outside world. It is a great commitment to continue writing even though your friend may not reply for a long time. This could be due to a lack of supplies such as pen and paper; your friend may not even have the price of a stamp, but still they wait and look forward to your letter, so you should be prepared to keep writing.

Some people want to join because they are interested in crime. This is not a reason to join Lifelines, your penpal is someone who needs a friend, they may not want to tell you about their crime.

Finally, Lifelines is not a dating service. If you are looking for romance this is not the organisation for you.

"I am looking for a friend not a saviour. I am a guy who writes because he likes to communicate and learn about different people and places. I write regularly and would like someone who is serious about writing. I am not the sort to take advantage of anyone. I write because I am basically lonely..."

- from a prisoner on death row.

Useful Links

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